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Why have to choose TSW? We have the reasons below to make our customer have their trust us with ease.

TSW Key Points


As a company leading in the field of fabrication and engineering services, certainly PT TSW owns the latest facilities in the field, that are not owned by companies of its kind in Indonesia. They are among others, Computer Numeric Control (CNC) for drilling machine; Numeric Control (NC) Plasma Cutting; JIG Boring (JBR); SAW Welding Machine with Welding Boom; SAW Twin Welding Boom special for Air Cooler; Rolling Plate Machine with 80 mm thick capacity, Press 2000 ton machine and Overhead Crane with a lifting capacity of 70 tons, Mobile Crane with a lifting capacity of 35 tons and 25 tons.

TSW is supported by the approved Capabilities and Professionalism Team, which is able to undertake contracts from engineering design, fabrication and refurbishment of the project execution. Their people shall bring in, to develop competitive technological base by providing intensive training for continuous improvement in the knowledge and the skill levels.

TSW also aggressively develops its engineering capacity by planning its designing program and engineering development, by motivating its specialist engineers to develop themselves as world EPC Companies’ partners by cooperating with them.


PT TSW is very tight in controlling its work in order to produce high quality products. We have a special team to control and inventories, which analyze the daily progress.

All methods are applied, such as additional work hours. Manpow­er or capacity of the existing machinery. Fabrication is also controlled by the company internally, by the client and also by an independent party.

Quality of the product is well guarded as TSW production is based on a good system, qualified employees who are continuously upgraded, and also due to the application of the latest technolo­gy in the field of fabrication and engineering services.

TSW is at present accredited with the ASME CODE & NATIONAL BOARD. The above standards have become the basic of product, process and system, reflect new technologies that are exploited to the benefit of business of specialized products such as Shell and Tube, Rod Baffle Heat exchanger, Pressure Vessel, Column and it’s internal parts. New products and technology development division of PT SBS added strength in the application and usage of materials such as special alloys and multimodal combination welding tech­niques.

TSW has become the first company to achieve interestedly three ISO standards, the ISO 9000:2000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


PT TSW respects on-time delivery in its every business agreement with clients. We will try with all our might to meet the deadline. An initial anticipative measures is taken by expediting the process of outsourcing and purchase of materials. All outstanding documents are summarized and clarified so that all placing order problems are clear, thereby they could be forwarded as soon as possible to the production process and preparing of data.

To maintain the trust from clients, the deadline is very important for TSW. Carrying out a project TSW applies a number of stages which are tightly controlled to meet on-time delivery.

Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is a key factor that our clients take into consideration when selecting a service company. Any occupational accident has the potential to create fatal losses such as loss of work time, lowered productivity or even litigation. The company is therefore fully committed to maintain the highest state of health, safety and environment awareness.

In its view, the availability of safety equipments and facilities is essential for all employees and the surrounding communities. This is achieved by providing training sessions and implementing a sound and integrated HSE management.

Human Resources Development

TSW is applying some methods to rise the capability of its human resources. Among others by applying the multi skill system and taking part in training, either organized by the company or by another party. By applying this system it is hoped that the capability of personnel could cover more than one skill, as the company’s products are varied in types, thus they are expected to master two to four different fields. In such a way they could be switched from one department to another which need additional workers.

Raising the capability of human resources externally is done by providing training outside the company adjusted to the company’s requirements and anticipation of future markets the company wish to achieve.

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